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About GHS

Welcome to Greene House Scents, 

Greene House Scents is a veteran owned business (severing for over 20 years).

My love for candles began as a child, my mother would burn candles and various fragrance oils throughout the house, specifically Frankincense & Myrrh; so naturally I love candles. 

I would always purchase candles for leisure and to support fundraisers, etc, until summer of 2018 I decided to purchase a candle kit for my daughter and I to "experiment".  I quickly fell in love with the candle making process. After making some candles for family, friends, and coworkers,  I decided to make it into a small business.  I enjoy making classic scents and mixing some up to create something new. 

I hope you have the pleasure of trying some of my scented candles, you will not be disappointed.

Thank you for visiting!

Enjoy the scents! 


K. Greene