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Growing up my mother had Hydrangea flowers planted all over the front yard.  Pink, purple, and blue.  I loved when they were in full bloom, but hated when they started to wilt and the petals would get everywhere!!! But the smell, I always loved the smell.  As an adult, you have those special fond memories that bring you back to your childhood, playing outside all day, smelling the fresh cut grass and flowers in bloom.  

The Hydrangea scent is one which reminds me of my childhood.  I love it as a scented candle because it has that wonderful classic, floral fragrance.  I keep it uncovered in my foyer and smell the lovely scent each time I enter the house.  


Fun Fact(s):  Hydrangeas are one of the most beautiful flowers.  The flowers are considered by many as Grandmother's Old-time Flower.  (


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